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Snowshoeing & Horse Trekking at a Wintry Orchard

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Snowshoe on fluffy virgin snow at the foot of this mountain, starting from the Mt. Hakken orchard. This activity is ideal for a crisp morning!
The thick snowpack means you'll be walking through the woods high above ground level. Wonders await you!
You may see some bird nests, which would be hard to spot in summer. The tree branches and scenery look quite different in winter. Overlooking the path you've taken, have lunch at a restaurant that uses local ingredients.
Then comes the highly anticipated horse trekking. If you like, you can ride a horse led by a staff member.
You'll be taught how to mount a horse and how to ride it while it walks and runs. Even a beginner can be confident of enjoying this activity.
Visit the Ainu Culture Promotion Center. Then, take a hot spring bath to warm yourself from the cold activities.
Yukitouro, an event featuring snow candles, is held at Jozankei Shrine for a limited period. The wonderland of scenic candles is sure to enchant you.
The fun winter recreation of this tour is sure to bring you 120% satisfaction.


  • Duration: One day
  • Trekking distance:about 6km


  • Winter


  • Snowshoeing
  • Horse trekking

Activity level



No steep slopes. Easy to walk around.

Horse trekking


Beginners can participate with ease because easy instruction is provided until you get to know the horses. You'll need to use your stomach muscles, thigh muscles and other less-used muscles. Some strength is required.


9:20 Meet at the north exit of JR Sapporo Station, and depart.
10:20 Arrive at the Mt. Hakken orchard parking. 
10:30 Snowshoeing
12:10 Lunch Hakkenzan Kitchen & Marche
13:10 Walk to the next site.
13:30 Arrive at Wild Mustang's.
13:40 Horse trekking
15:00 Finish horse trekking and go to the next site.
15:10 Ainu Culture Promotion Center (Visit and appreciate the exhibits.)
16:00 Finish visiting and go to the next site.
16:10 Take a hot spring bath at Jozankei Onsen.
17:30 Appreciate the Yukitouro snow candle path. (early February only)
19:00 Arrive back in downtown Sapporo.


Months: January through February
Max. participants: 6
Place: Sapporo City (Around Mt. Hakken)
Schedule: One day(Day trip)


  • Wear warm clothes that let you move easily (clothes for winter outdoor recreation, including gloves and a hat) and warm shoes. Bring a change of clothes.  
  • Snowshoes and poles will be provided.



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