Summer Mobility Tour: Sapporo Edition

Hiking and mountain biking on Mt. Soranuma:
Experience an adventure tour surrounded
by the waters and forests of Hokkaido

HOME > Hiking and mountain biking on Mt. Soranuma: Experience an adventure tour surrounded by the waters and forests of Hokkaido

Tour overview

This tour combines hiking and cycling along mountain trials, making it ideal for those seeking a challenge.
Starting in downtown Sapporo, the course passes the Toyohira River, Sapporo Art Park and the mountain trails of Mt. Soranuma on the way to the Bankei Sanso Hut. The route may seem tough, but the electrical bicycle certainly makes it easier! Bankei Marsh can be seen amongst the lush greenery that extends in front of the hut, and the water reflects the forest like a mirror.
Further along the course is Mamisu Marsh, which is surrounded by a beautiful lush landscape that belies its elevation of 1,100m.
On clear days, you can enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view from the summit, taking in Mt. Yotei to the northwest and Mt. Eniwa to the southeast.
This summer tour is the best way to experience the waters and greenery of Hokkaido!


  • Duration: 1 day
  • Total distance: 7km round trip


  • Summer


  • Cycling (electric mountain bike)
  • Hiking


Cycling (electric mountain bike)


The ride to and from the city is flat, however, the mountain trail includes a three-hour climb. Participants must be physically fit enough to complete the hiking course after cycling.




The course starts part-way up the mountain, however, there are several steep slopes and scree sections on the way to the summit. Recommended for physically fit participants with some hiking experience.


07:45 Departure from downtown Sapporo (restroom break along route)
09:45 Arrival at start of Mt. Soranuma mountain trail (*Join up with car group) Cycle to mountain hut on electric bicycles.
13:00 Arrival at Bankei Sanso Hut, restroom break (leave bikes at hut)
  Hiking from hut to Bankei Marsh and Mamisu Marsh, rest at Mamisu Marsh
15:00 Arrival at summit of Mt. Soranuma (1,250.8m), rest at summit
15:15 Departure from summit
16:30 Arrival at Bankei Sanso Hut, preparation for cycling

Arrival at start of mountain trail (*Bicycle and car groups separate)
*18:30 Arrival of car group in downtown Sapporo
*19:00 Arrival of bicycle group in downtown Sapporo

Implementation period

Participants per session:

June to September
Maximum capacity: 5 people
Activity sites: Mt. Soranuma, Minami Ward, Sapporo
Duration: One day(Day trip)



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