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Tour overview

The working and living space at the foot of Mt. Hakken in Sapporo's Minami Ward is the ideal place for relaxation.
Feel the wind rush by as you cycle among the incredible scenery! This short trip combines unique autumn scenery with the opportunity to work while surrounded by nature.
Enjoy camping, sampling delicious food and learning about the area's history and culture through interactions with local people. Who knows what secrets your guide will teach you about camping, bushcraft, and the local flora and fauna? After a long day, you will also have the chance to experience the relaxation offered by two different types of hot spring in Jozankei.


  • 3 days
  • Total distance: 25km


  • Autumn


  • Hiking
    Mt. Kotengu (approx. 3-hour round trip)
  • Cycling
    Cycling to Mt. Kotengu and Jozankei Dam, Cycling to former Kuroiwa family residence in Minami Ward
  • Other activities
    Viewing of autumn leaves from gondola, visit to historical buildings (former Kuroiwa family residence), bushcraft, outdoor cooking, bonfire, camping









Day one:
09:00 Departure from Sapporo Station
10:00 Arrival at Hakkenzan Winery bonfire and campsite Setting up of tents
11:30 Lunch at Hakkenzan restaurant Orientation
12:30 Viewing of autumn leaves from gondola or working time
16:00 Outdoor cooking activity
19:00 Visit to Jozankei Onsen
20:30 Free time Group time or working time
Day two:
07:30 Outdoor breakfast
09:00 Viewing of Autumn leaves Cycling (round trip, 12km each way)
10:00 Arrival at foot of Mt. Kotengu Start of hiking
12:00 Lunch Descent to Jozankei Dam
14:30 Cycling
15:30 Visit to Koganeyu Onsen
17:30 Outdoor cooking
* Meet up with local people Free time: Group time or working time Bushcraft activities
Day three:
06:30 Early-morning hiking at Mt. Hakken (approx. 2-hour round trip)
08:00 Outdoor breakfast Group time or packing up tents
10:00 Cycling
10:40 Visit to former Kuroiwa family residence
11:30 Departure
12:30 Arrival at Sapporo Station, end of tour


実施時期: 2022年 8~9
募集人数: 最大催行人数 5
場  所: 札幌市南区 定山渓
日  程: 2泊3日

★On the day of the tour

  • Accommodation will be in tents at the newly-opened campsite.
  • Hiking poles, bicycles and camping equipment are provided.
  • Nighttime temperatures are cold during autumn in Hokkaido. Sleeping bags are provided for each person, but warm clothing is also required.
  • In general, work can be performed both during times marked as "free time" and at other times as required.



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