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Traverse the Niseko Range near Mt. Yotei, "the Fuji of Hokkaido". Iwao is Ainu for "sulfur", and this mountain is the youngest volcano in the Niseko Range.
Nitonupuri comes from the Ainu nidomu nupuri, meaning "a mountain with forests". Unlike Iwaonupuri, the lush Nitonupuri recalls a jungle. The caldera depression between the two mountains is another attraction. Climb three mountains—four if you're ambitious—including Chisenupuri and Annupuri. The route runs through a marsh!
After a hot spring bath at Goshiki Onsen, where we'll be parked, you'll be taken to the Niseko Sake Brewery for souvenir shopping on your way back as a reward for your hard climb.


  • Duration: One day
  • Distance: about 7km


  • Summer / Autumn


  • Mountain climbing 

Activity level

Mountain climbing 


You'll need enough endurance for a mountain traverse. The route isn't hard, but it takes a long time to climb. Suitable clothing and preparation for a mountain hike are required.


7:00 Depart from downtown Sapporo. Take a restroom break on the way.
9:00 Arrive at the Goshiki Onsen parking lot. 
9:20 Start climbing from the trailhead.
11:30 Summit Iwaonupuri.  Re-energize with a light lunch!
12:10 Depart from the summit. Do the traverse. Take a side trail on the way.
13:40 Summit Nitonupuri.
13:50 Start descending.
14:50 Arrive back at the trailhead.
15:00 Take a hot spring bath at Goshiki Onsen.
16:00 Go to the next site.
16:30 Niseko Sake Brewery : shopping
18:30 Arrive back in downtown Sapporo.


Months: June through October
Max. participants: 6
Place: Kutchan Town, Rankoshi Town & Niseko Town
Schedule: One day(Day trip)


  • Clothing that allows free movement and shoes for mountain hiking are recommended.
  • A rain coat is a must, in case of sudden bad weather.



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